Welcome to life delicious

Welcome to life delicious, a blog about living the abundant life and finding everyday joys.  This blog came about for several reasons.  Obviously the primary reason is to write, to have a regular practice of writing and sharing it in a public forum.  Secondly to share the delicious and joyful experiences of life through fabulous recipes that I try out, refine, or randomly invent.  My husband Kris and I just bought our first home, so this blog is also a trace of our journey to transform our house into a home.  Given the fact that I now have a yard,  I have become a cook who gardens, an apprentice to seasonal eating and edible landscaping, so this is the fourth purpose of this blog.  All in all, it’s mostly about celebrating and enjoying the life delicious.


One comment on “Welcome to life delicious

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! My favorite things in life is gardening and cooking, must run in the family.LOL. Our family history is all about farming and then cooking with family and friends! This is truly some of the best gifts in life; family and friends! You might want to get your self a good crockpot for fast and easy cooking.

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