Half Marathon Music Vol. 3

The past 2 weeks have been challenging training-wise.  Not because of distance, rather because of travel.

Last week, I felt sore on Monday from my gardening experiences, so I rested Monday, then worked out Tuesday.  I thought I could work out on Thursday, but ended up working a 14 hour day choosing our incoming Puente class for the next school year.  On Friday, Kris and I drove down for a Valentine’s weekend in San Diego.  It was so much fun, minus our 12 hour (should have been 6-7 hour) drive down on Friday evening.  We hit LA rush hour on a Friday before a 3 day weekend, what were we thinking?  Well, obviously we weren’t.  However, more about the trip coming soon.

It’s hard to keep a workout routine while you are vacationing, away from home and your normal routine.  Last week, I didn’t do very well.

This week, not much better.  I worked out on Monday which went well.  I felt rested and my body enjoyed the activity.  I’m liking that.  Since Thursday though, I’ve been on a 5 day Southern California college campus tour with the Puente and Avid students from the school I work at.  It’s been non-stop travel, driving, and LONG days.  I’m talking 14-15 hour days.  We start at 8, visit 2 college campuses a day, have study time (grading time for me), dinner, travel time, etc.  We’ve been getting back to the hotel around 10 pm, then give them a half hour to hang out, then have to go to each room say good night and seal up their doors with a little piece of paper to make sure no one leaves their rooms during the night.  It’s all super organized and fun, but exhausting.

I thought I could work out Thursday, but we arrived at the hotel at 11:30 pm, and us chaperones didn’t finish working until about 12:30. So, no workout Thursday.  I promised I’d wake up early Friday to squeeze in a workout before our 13 hour day, and I did.  Though that morning all I wanted to do was sleep just a little bit longer.  I am so proud of myself for that miracle-working.  Luckily, our hotel has a workout room that I used before our day started.  My legs were sore from walking around 2 college campuses the day before, but I did it, all before 7:30 am.  Then, we went to go walk around UCLA and USC.  I should wear a pedometer.  With my 2 mile workout, plus those two schools, my legs were like jello last night.  Is this a preparation, I wonder?

Today we’re at San Diego State; I’m actually typing this from their community computers.  We’ll also head to UC San Diego later in the afternoon.  I’m hoping tomorrow morning to go down to the hotel workout room for a quick jog.

So, I’ve had 3 workouts in the past two weeks.  Not good, I know.  Training is now behind schedule, the routine I had so painfully created over the past 3 weeks has been seriously jeopardized, but the cool thing is that when I get back home, I feel more motivated to keep an even steadier routine.  These two weeks have reminded me about the importance and stability of a regular exercise schedule.  I actually miss it, and I want it back.

And it’s a good thing I’ve had this motivation shift, because the training schedule is going up a notch.  Now it’s 4 workouts a week instead of three.  This means I have to switch my reward system to every 4 workouts a new song.

While I cannot share the video at the moment, since I’m on a public computer, I can share my newest song addition to the Half Marathon playlist, Shakira’s “La Loba.”  As soon as I can, I will post the video.


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