The Gym of All Gyms

That treadmill in the corner...that one was mine

So, given the So-Cal trip with the AVID and Puente students/team, desperate times called for desperate measures.  I have now been inducted into the I-use-the-workout-room-at-hotels club.

You know those people, the hard core fanatics (not me), the super in shape (definately not me), or the awkwardly curious (I hope that’s not me).  These are all the types you see at a hotel gym, if you see anyone at all.  Now that I think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone using a hotel workout room until recently, but I’ve also only just walked by them in exploration.

Here’s what I loved: the machine looked almost new, whereas the ones at my gym are all raggedy on the treadmill edges; the buttons responded at the slightest touch, while sometimes the ones at my gym have to be pounded in order to have some kind of pace change.  Another part to love, the workout room of hotel gyms doesn’t smell like rancid sweat, and the ventilation actually works.  Complimentary towels (I do have a cheap gym), what’s not to enjoy?  Of course, best of all, NO WAIT!!

My first workout, a Friday morning about 6:15, was totally solo.  I even started singing out loud to pass the time since I forgot my ipod.  My second hotel gym workout (2, I know, now I’m really part of the club), was on a Monday morning, around 6:30.  That day was the morning of the true die-hards, 3 of them, and 1 random lady who did a hodgepodge strength training exercises, like ten reps of each, then moved on to something else.

Now, I wonder which category of hotel gym goers I belong in, or shall I make up my own? I think it’d be a little too self-deprecating, so we won’t go there.


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