Nostalgia and the Alma Mater

On our college trip one thought kept crossing my mind: I wish I were a high school student applying to colleges again.  It was such a time of promise and excitement.

We stopped at my alma mater, the University of California at Santa Barbara.  For those of you who don’t know, the campus is located, conveniently, right next to the beach.  In fact. many people, myself included, often skip class to just read (sleep) on the sand.  I miss those days.

The top photo is one I took of the sunset we saw right as we arrived at the campus.  See the wild hand on the right side?  That’s one of our wild high school students, exhilarated about seeing colleges…I was too.

Alma Mater is derived from Latin words meaning soul and mother, respectively.  I believe that college is a time when we give birth to our new selves and new identities.  It is a time to discover passions and explore beyond our comfort zone.  In essence, the education and life experiences during our college years are mothers that give birth to our new souls.


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