Half Marathon Music Vol. 5

Ooophs…I’d been doing pretty well, training-wise, but I haven’t really found much new music, so I’ll post one of my old songs that gets me through my workout.  For those of you new to my Half Marathon Music Collecting you can see Vol. 1 here, Vol. 2 here, Vol. 3 here and here (it was a surreal week), and Vol. 4 over yonder.

Since my first real long run, I’ve created 2 different playlists, and it’s been quite successful.  There’s “Movin’Along” with its fun rhythms and melodies, then there’s the secret, my “Pump It” play list.  There are 3 songs that I rely on heavily, my last ones, all in this order: “Only Girl,” by Rihanna, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” by deadmaus, and “Satisfaction” by Benni Bennasi.

Few songs in my playlists actually have lyrics that connect to my interior monologue as I jog; “Satisfaction” is one of them, and the version I have lasts about 6 plus minutes, not the measly 2.5 of the music video.  The main phrase that gets repeated is “Push, push, push, push…”  Granted, I know that the lyrics have nothing to do with pushing one’s hardest while exercising, I can project my needs onto the the lyrics if it will help me jog one more mile.  I’m not feelin’ the music video, pretty women with power tools is not really my thing, but I must admit, this song’s beat, tempo, and (most) lyrics, forgive the pun, “push me.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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