Playing around with an SLR Camara

My life has just been transformed.  It’s like tasting the difference between good wine and two buck Chuck.  For as long as I’ve been blogging, yeah, I know, not that long, I’ve just used my measly Blackberry camera phone for images.  Once or twice, since it’s recently been found, I’ve been able to use our pocket digital camara, an Olympus FE-20, but now, I’ve tasted the joy of my first ever SLR camera.

No, I haven’t forked over $600 for one…yet.  Actually, it’s a pretty great set-up.  I contacted the photography teacher at the school I teach at and asked if I’d be able to borrow a camara, just like the students do.  Mark, that’s the photography teacher’s name, was encouraging.  So now, for the next week, our Spring Break, I have the most incredible camara I have ever used in my possession.

Within the first hour, I’d already taken about 100 shots, playing around with the automatic settings, mainly portrait, close up, and no flash indoors.  Here are my favorites.

My first shot eva'

While Kris stayed inside, I went outside where the sun was shining.  Everywhere I read said USE NATURAL LIGHT, so I followed suggested directions.

Here’s a close up shot of one of my succulent plants.

I love the color that the camara picks up

If you look close, you can see the tiniest trace of a spider’s web on the left side of the succulent.  I love how the camera picks up the waxiness and light bouncing off the plants’ bumps.

This picture is of weeds!  Weeds!  And look how pretty they are!

Weeds next to my raised bed

Then I went to take pictures of the flowers on our peach tree, and this camera truly catches the exuberance of Spring.

So detailed and fast that I photographed a fly

Close up of peach blossoms

Of course, I went crazy photographing Titania.  She actually followed me outside, unlike my husband.

Titania, profile shot

Titania sniffing the air

Titania, over the shouldar pose

Another sniffing the air shot

Titania, a regal shot

This is so exciting.  This camera is truly able to show how incredibly cute our dog is, not to mention how funny she is too.

Oh…I’m in love.  My life has either been ruined or saved, depending on your perspective.


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