An SLR camera-obsessed Marina Walk Part 1

My normal 1 hour walk turned into a 2.5 hour photo stroll.  I took way too many pictures to divulge in public, and I’ve come to the realization that photography is addicting.  With these walk photos, I just played around with cropping.  I didn’t try out any other adjustments.  Still, just playing around, looking at them, and cropping, took over an hour.  I can see how people can spend entire afternoons playing with even more adjustments.  I gave up, not because I don’t want to play around, but rather, I gotta go be responsible.

Marina Path

Marina Path 2

Marina View of the SF Bay

Most of my photos were bird shots, but a lot of them didn’t zoom in and remain focused the way I wanted them to, but a few came out nicely.This bird was so funny.  It looked like a beard growing around its entire body.  A bird-Santa Claus if you will.

The White-Bearded Bird

Here’s another shot of him.  So funny!

White-Beared Bird Again

There was also some random debris from the storm.  Some had been picked up.

Random Destroyed Surfboard

Some hadn’t yet.

Random Tires

This is the marina where I enjoy coming out for jogs as long as I leave work early enough to catch the sunlight.  Now that daylight savings has occurred, I’m able to do this more regularly.


One comment on “An SLR camera-obsessed Marina Walk Part 1

  1. Looks like catching birds in flight is cake compared to catching Titania in the midst of her delirium before her dinner time 🙂

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