An SLR camera-obsessed Marina Walk Part 2, Wood

Marina Walk Driftwood Obsession

Let’s talk about driftwood.  Well, I don’t really want to talk about it, I want to show you all the amazing pictures my borrowed camera took.  Of Wood.  I know, dried, dead wood that had been saltified by the San Francisco Bay and traveled who knows how far.

These pictures are proof that anyone can take beautiful shots, you just need an amazing camera that will make you feel guilty for a day after purchase, then you’ll get over it once you realize what an amazing photographer you truly are.  I have come to believe that Digital SLR cameras are like trophy wives; they make you look better, cooler, like you know what you are doing.  I think I strut more when I carry my borrowed SLR camera.

I have never taken a photography class, but I have been doing a lot of reading, learning new words that mean absolutely nothing to me at this point in time.  Words like aperture, shutter speed, f-stop, ISO.  Huh?

All I know is I like Georgia O’Keefe, and that’s the spirit I was summoning as I took these shots.

One thing I’ve learned from borrowing a Digital SLR camera is that my sense of awe increases manifold.  While I was walking I tried to juggle maintaining an eye to the grand environment that I was in while also trying to find the tiny, beautiful details.  My sense of gratitude also increased in proportion to my sense of awe.

Gratitude for beauty amidst a graveyard of tree bones.

Gratitude for lines.

Gratitude for the balance of opposites.


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