Starting the Spring Garden

It’s Spring…the bees are buzzing, the birds are fluffing their feathers, flowers are displaying everything they have for the insect world to pollinate.  I love Spring for its sense of wonder and expectancy, and this year, I wanted to join the party in the form of planting a few cold season crops.  Of course here in Northern California, Zone 8-9 for all you garden buffs (don’t judge, I have no idea really what the zones means), we don’t have a “real” Winter, so technically speaking, I could have done as one of my neighbors did and planted a Winter garden of peas and lettuces, maybe next year.  After my first ever long run, I went to my favorite nursery, Alden Lane, to pick up a few plants.  I was only supposed to get a couple of strawberry plants, but left with ranaculus, anemone, and sugar snap peas.

OK, yes I cheated with a few plants, buying small cell packs of sugar snap peas and strawberries, but the rest have been planted from seeds.

Here’s what I put in my raised bed so far…

My first time ever having these perennials.  After several weeks of debating, I decided to plant them in my raised bed.  At first I was afraid of making a commitment to them; each plant will probably last for 4-6 years in that one spot.

Strawberries...cant wait for these

Sugar Snap Peas
Some of my all time favorite snacks.  What’s not to love about their crisp snappiness and bright green shell.

Sugar Snap Peas

Wild Arugula
Also called rocket for how fast it grows.  Love this stuff in salads, on top of pizzas, lightly wilted in pasta dishes, as something to just bathe in regularly (just kidding, for the record, I don’t think arugula has any beauty benefits).

Arugula spouts came out in a week

Mesclun Mix
Actually, I planted this last year, and the mixed lettuces came out delicious.  These are fun because the seed mix includes 3-4 different types, textures, and shapes.

Mesclun mix also came out in about 1 week

I also planted 3 nasturtium plants, maybe 2.  I don’t remember and I didn’t mark the places where I put the seeds.  I’m also not 100% sure if my arugula picture is arugula; it may be my mesclun mix.  Note to self: label what gets planted.


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