Beginning Gardener Mistake #1

A month ago, I planted 5 sugar snap pea seedlings in my raised bed.  For a few days, they thrived, vibrant, aching to expand.  A few holes and some baby leaves entirely eaten whole started to perplex me.  After a little research, I determine, this is incontrovertible evidence of snails or slugs.

The damage didn’t seem that bad, after all, I naively thought, there are plenty of leaves for the plants to expand.  Here is beginning gardener mistake #1: underestimating the power and voracious appetite of snails/slugs, especially for pea sprouts.

I did nothing to combat these night-time mollusks.  My faith in sugar snap peas believed that it was just a little damage.  Prevented from checking on them for a few days due to a busy schedule, I return one late Saturday morning to find in the place of my once lush, green plants, 5 ravaged stalks left naked.  The culprit, vanished.

It was a classic eat-and-run.A tragic eat-and-run.


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