My Best Garden Helper

Titania is our 2 year old pit bull that we adopted about 1 year ago.  Sweet thing that she is, stole our hearts instantly, and no matter what she does or eats or destroys, her puppy eyes and droopy ears can instantly turn my yelling and reprimanding into pets and scratches.

Titania is my best garden helper, making cameos as sunbather extraordinaire.

She keeps husbands distracted by playing with them. 

Recently she has helped solve the mystery of why my arugula seeds are not coming out as fast as my lettuce seeds which I planted the same day.  She sleeps right on top of them in the afternoon sun.

I’ve seen her several times when I come home, basking in my raised bed, oblivious to anything but the warmth of the sun and dirt.  I tried yelling, telling her bad dog, but those pleading, puppy-dog eyes say “I never meant to do anything to make you mad; I just like the sun.”  How can I stay mad at that face.  Sigh…I’m such a sucker. 


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