The other side of nature’s resilience

A week or so ago, I made a post about the resilience of nature.  True, nursing my sugar snap peas back to health from near-death helped me have faith in nature’s ability to recover itself.  Then I went out to our front yard and remembered the other side of nature’s resilience, weeds and grass.Yes, those splashes of purple are from a lavender bush, strangled by Bermuda grass gone wild.

Nature has her way of reminding us that bare ground will not stay that way for long.  She will fill it with something or we can.  I cleared this area back in February with the intention of putting landscape fabric down, but our dog Titania got to the fabric before I could, and her teeth marks made the weed block useless.

So, here I am again, at square #1 with stubborn weeds insisting on taking over.  I bought some weed killer and a friend even gave us another bottle, but I’m just not ready for those harsh chemicals.  I’m afraid it might kill my plants or the run off will cause harm.  So far the old-fashioned way of pull-pull-pull is OK, for now, except for my massive allergy attacks that happen after 5 minutes of pulling.  Luckily, my sister-friend, Natalie, helped clear out these weeds.

Kris and I are contemplating 3 options for this fertile area.
1.  Plant sweet corn
2.  Plant mint to be a delicious invasive ground cover
3.  Plant some other type of ground cover

All are better than the bermuda grass that lurks like a squatter in any spot of bare dirt.


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