A Dinner of Contradictions

This post is both a confession and a celebration, so I hope you will both forgive me and be happy for me simultaneously.  I made a dinner of contradictions consisting of my first, fresh lettuces and a frozen dinner with microwave rice.  I’ve moved toward growing my own food and creating an edible landscape, but I still heavily rely on convenience food, namely frozen items.  This plate made me laugh because it represents 2 contrasting philosophies.  On the one hand, fresh homegrown and seasonal, and on the other, frozen, ready-made.  In the modern world, they can co-exist, and as a working professional, I am grateful they do.It’s the end of May, and my mesclun mix  lettuce seeds have been rising to meet the world.  It took my arugula a little bit of time to start, until I discovered why they were not sprouting up as wildly as the mesclun.Going out to my backyard raised bed is exhilarating since the plants are doing surprisingly well, despite my inconsistent watering, lack of discipline, and forgetfulness.  I’ve since added dog-protection to the raised bed.Mesclun is lovely for its various textures and shapes.Rich, burgundy  romaine.Wild, frizzy parsley-like something whose name I don’t know.I love this one because of its heart shape and soft, spiky edges.This one had small bumps growing on it, and I sure hope we weren’t eating insect eggs.And of course, the ever-reliable arugula with its wavy shape.I may have “cheated” with my 75% frozen dinner, but the salad burst with the spicy, slightly bitter flavor of dark greens.  Delicious!


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