My First Strawberries

I have exactly 4 round, ripe, red strawberries, each with a white and green hat on top.  They remind me of southern ladies going to church, each with a different body shape.  The first is the petite pear shape, slim top, round bottom with full hips.  The second is the tall, thin one towering over the others.  The third is the top-heavy lady with the small hips.  Last, is the full-figured maven with the commanding presence.

Lots of potential fruits here

This is my first time growing strawberries which are low to the ground.  I’ve been worried about fruits laying on the soil accumulating extra moisture.  Two of my strawberries have circles where the skins sink in like mini potholes.  My fear of damage could be why I possibly picked them too early (hence the white tops).

A little leeway here, I am a novice at the is-this-ripe-question.  All signs pointed to ready.  They are supple to the touch.  Their smell is like candy, and that red color reminds me of a pair of sexy high heels that I’m too afraid to wear in public.  That’s how I knew it was time to pick; they screamed for attention.

Only 4 strawberries.  Not enough for any recipe that I know of.  No matter.  For now I want their essence: pure, unadulterated strawberry sweetness.


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