My First Half Marathon!! Part 1: Night Before Preparation

I started in February barely able to run an entire mile, and yet on Sunday, June 5, 2011, I ran my first 1/2 marathon, 13.1 miles.  What an incredible feat.  I have so much to tell that I’m going to make it into 3 (it used to be 2) posts, so part one is about preparation the night before.  Part 2 will be the hilarious pre-race happenings.  Part 3 will relate my experience during the race.  Enjoy.Kris helped me prepare the night before.  Since it’s been sporadically showering in NorCal the past couple of days, I was anxiously expecting rain and having to run 13.1 miles in showers.  Kris had me lay out my clothes for his inspection: black running pants (borrowed from my mom, so they are a petite size and sometimes look like floods), my teal sports bra, teal tank top, and husband-borrowed long sleeved-mesh top.  There’s a reason I’m called “kleptomaniac” by my family members.  Kris also scoured our camping gear for an old rain cover he used back in his running days; it would keep me reasonably dry.

We also packed a change of clothes.  I knew that if I was going to be sopping wet, I’d want to change the first instant that I could and wrap my feet in my fake Uggs.We got simple snacks ready for after the race.  Kris said I’d be very hungry, boy was he right about that.  Those green apples were some of the most delicious apples I’ve ever had in my life.  They were juicy and sweet, light, crisp and refreshing; perfect for after the race, water and a little sugar and fiber.We looked at the course map and planned out four places Kris would meet me at.  For Kris, we got a blanket, umbrella, extra jacket, folding chair, plus the current book he’s reading.Of course if there was anything that would get me though this race it would be water and music.  I made some last minute purchases on itunes for my “Pump It” playlist, both recommendations from students; they seem to be more up to speed on current music trends.  I definitely made sure that the ipod was charged.  Kris got a gallon of water ready (he thought I might get thirsty); in addition 2 water bottles to swap in case I needed more.  We placed these at the entry table.  Right, in case we forgot everything else, at least I’d have water and music.I was so nervous the night before, and when I get nervous, I have to pee A LOT.  In the 2 hour period before going to bed, I must have gone to the bathroom 6-7 times, and that’s not an exaggeration.   Insomnia also plagues me when I am nervous, and I got about 4 hours of solid sleep.

At 6 am, with the sun peeking its way behind the clouds, we set out.  It was a beautiful morning, the kind that can come only after a hard rain like Saturday’s.  The air was clean, fresh, and held a sense of anticipation for the day to begin.  Here’s the first photo of the day; it’s all fake bravado by the way.Part 2: Gettin’ Ready during Pre-Race soon to come.


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