White Chicken Chili with Beer

I ask myself, it’s the middle of summer, why on earth am I making a soup?  You may doubt my thought processes (I sure do sometimes), but this White Chicken Chili with Beer recipe will make you want to forget the heat and just go and make a batch.

Printable Recipe:White Chicken Chili with Beer

It all started with an idea to use cashews in chili to try to thicken it and make it creamy delicious.  Since cashews are a light taupe color, the chili had to be a white chili, not your classic red one.  This required some chicken and white beans.  I wish I found some white navy beans, but all my store had was white kidney beans, no matter.

Like any good chili, it all starts with the pot.  Stainless steel in my case.  Warm it up over high heat and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  Swish it around to coat the bottom.

Now add 1 small diced onion,and 4 minced garlic cloves.We used to have this nifty plastic device that would poke through all the holes of the mincer and get the strangled remains.  Then it got mangled in the garbage disposal, and we decided to just use our fingernails.  Make sure you get all the garlic pieces.  Don’t get grossed out that your hands will smell.  If someone doesn’t like the smell of garlic, I think you need to reevaluate your relationship.

Shake it around so the onion begins to change color, some edges will be browned and beginning to caramelize and look like this: a little bit of brown, a little bit of translucent.Now add the diced chicken breast and your spices.1 heaping (and I mean heaping, abounding, overflowing) teaspoon EACH of chili powderand 1 of ground cumin.Dice up 1 jalapeno.  Can your house handle all the heat?  One person, who shall remain nameless, in my house isn’t a fan of spicy, so I have to cut out the seeds and membranes where all the heat is stored, like so.Also dice up the canned roasted chilies.  The seeds are fine from these chilies because they’ve been roasted and canned, so their taste is much more subtle.  Check out the charred parts.  That’s where the goodness is hidden.A little extra sauce is fine to add to the chili, but not all of it.  Or heck, why not, add all the sauce in.Use your trusty spoon to coat the chicken with spices and aromatics (AKA onions ‘n garlic ‘n chilies).  Start to cook the chicken for about 4 minutes until it’s white in parts, but other parts are still pink.  Now come the liquids.

Find yourself a great beer.  If you pick Bud Lite or Coors, well,  I suppose I can still appreciate you if you like those beers.  Just get some beer.

Add half the bottle to the chicken.  It’s up to your own discretion what you do with the other half of the beer. While the chicken starts to cook, go out to the garden and clip some fresh oregano.  Dried oregano is fine too though.

This was my fist time using herbs from my garden, so I got a little giddy.  He…he.

Chop the oregano and add it to the cooking chicken.

Add 2 cups of chicken broth. Drain the 2 cans of beans in a colander.  While you’re there, make sure to rinse them well with water; you’ll remove a lot of the excess salt. Place about 1 cup of beans in a blender, but dump the rest of the beans into the pot.

To the blender add ½ cup of cashews (about one left handful)and ½ cup of low-fat milk.  Liquefy until you get a creamy paste.  Then add to your chili.  It will change everything, color-wise.  It’ll also change the thickness of your chili.Here’s what it’ll do…make your chili beautiful and delicious.  Heck, it’ll make you beautiful and delicious.Last thing, stir in 2 tablespoons of cornmeal to help thicken it even more.  Make sure to break up any clumps that form from the cornmeal with your spoon.  This is a good place to end, but if you can handle another level of heat, mix in some good hot sauce, like Tapatio (preferably not Tabasco which is a little too vinagary).  3 splashes per serving.  That’s 6 servings.  You can do the math.

It’s inevitable.  All chili must be served with fresh, chopped cilantro.  I wish I added cheese.  I was desperately hungry.  Make sure you add cheese.  Mmmmm…a good pepper jack or monterey jack would be divine.P.S. Don’t forget about the rest of your beer.  Enjoy!


One comment on “White Chicken Chili with Beer

  1. Mmmm, mmm, that stuff was great! Is that nameless one Titania? Love, you know you shouldn’t be feeding the dog chili. It’ll make her even more gassy!

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