Monday’s Photo: Windy Rainbow

Back in February Kris and I drove down to San Diego.  Trust me, I know it is not NorCal, but it still is a beautiful place to visit.

Driving down, right before the Grapevine leading into Los Angeles, an expansive rainbow shot across the sky.  I yelped for Kris to pull over, the last exit before miles of twisting, turning, and reminders of what I ate for lunch.

What the picture doesn’t show you is how windy it was outside.  My guess, 40-50 mile an hour winds.  Just a disclaimer, I really have no idea how to estimate how fast wind blows.  All I know is that the wind was punching me, and at any moment I could’ve been knocked out.

This picture more aptly portrays the wind I faced to get the rainbow shot.  So windy, I didn’t even want to open my eyes, but that didn’t stop me from laughing and eating my hair.Happy Monday, Folks!


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