10 Pictures and 2 Snakes from Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park

Last weekend, Kris and I took the pooch on a walk around the Berkeley Marina and Cesar Chavez Park.  It was an absolutely stunning September day around the Bay.  Clear skies with just the slightest hint of haze only as you looked out towards San Francisco.

The sunlight glimmered off the surface of the bay as if it was winking at you.

The sail boats not in use had erect, empty masts like skyscrapers on the water, only they bobbed with the ebb and flow of the waves.

We spotted a lot of seagulls and a couple of pelicans, loitering by the boat launching area. They must have thought they could get a free meal from fishermen’s scrapings.

Hidden in a small community garden was this cute “garden wedding” display.  I love the giraffe as witness.

Looping our way around the path that runs along the perimeter of Cesar Chavez Park, we got a spectacular view of San Francisco through a couple of layers of haze.  I love that glittering water.

Cesar Chavez is a mecca for kite flyers.  Some days you only have 10 kite flyers, other days 30 plus.  I’ve always been curious what it’s like on Kite Festival Days.

You will always hear the zooming of a master kite flyer, diving his/her kite through the air.  The wings flap frantically, and the wind hits the edges of the kite making it sound like the motor of a remote control airplane.  The kite swoops down like a bird of prey, and it looks like it’s going to crash into the ground.  At the last second, the kite flyer lifts his/her arms up and steers it back up into the air, only to dive bomb the kite again.

Lots of joggers, lots of bicyclists, but this little girl with her pink shirt, pink moccasins, pink bike, and pink ribbons streaming from her handlebars was the cutest.  She was closely following her dad and had a voice as bubblegum pink as her set of wheels.  I had purple streams coming off my handlebars when I was her age.

I was so tickled by this girl trailing her dad that I failed to notice this in the path.

Thankfully I have a husband who pays attention to what he’s doing.  He said it was just relaxing on the hot concrete path as if it were sunbathing.  A jogger started to pass us and Kris tried to warn her to watch out for the snake, but she had her headphones on.  Well, she found out about it soon enough, yelped, and almost lost her balance and fell onto the other side of the path.

It’s a quick path around this park, only 1 meandering mile, but as soon as you make the final loop, you get a view of Berkeley and UC Berkeley campus.  The tall white building is the campanile, the clock tower.

Just my luck, as I was getting excited to take the above photograph, Kris notices another slithering friend right next to my foot.

This time it was my turn to yelp, almost lose my balance, and scare the thing away.


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