Monday’s Photo: The Great Mosque (cathedral) of Cordoba, Spain

Kris and I went to Spain for our honeymoon in 2009.  We focused on the southern state of Andalucia.  One of my favorite stops was Cordoba, a city whose prestige traces back to Ancient Rome.  Cordoba during the 10th and 11th centuries was a bustling religious center for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  It is the birthplace of several influential Islamic and Jewish philosophers.  The Great Mosque of Cordoba, now a cathedral, shows the mixing of Islamic and Christian influences in Spain.  Wondering around the old Jewish Quarter, we saw the prolific Jewish cultural and religious tradition that ultimately was forced to go into hiding, expulsion, or conversion after 1492.

These are 3 of my favorite photos from Cordoba’s Mosque/Cathedral.


Please forgive the Mondays’ photo on a Tuesday. 😉


One comment on “Monday’s Photo: The Great Mosque (cathedral) of Cordoba, Spain

  1. My boyfriend and I are thinking of taking a trip to Europe and were looking through the 1,000 places to see before you die – this was one of those places. Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go.

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