Photo: Trinidad State Beach Harbor


Two more photos from Trinidad State Beach.  Check out this photo or this photo or this photo for more from this fabulous California State Beach which I loved visiting.  There were relatively few people there when we visited due to the overcast day.  The town of Trinidad is small, less than 500 permanent residents, with a handful of trinket shops along its one stoplight main road.  The best part of visiting this town were the tidepools and the views of the California coast, meandering its way along the water.  It also has a quick uphill trail the leads to spectacular views of the harbor, coast, and beach.  Trinidad State Beach is a jewel on the California coastline.


Monday’s Photo: Sea Anemone from tide pools at Trinidad State Beach

This is a third photo from Trinidad State Beach in Humbolt county, the first one being this starfish and the second this lighthouse.  What a surprise to drive up to this state beach, walk out to a few clusters of rocks and then ecstatically gasp over the multitude of sea anemones and starfish.  Tidepools have always fascinated me.  They are eco-systems whose existence depends on cycles of feast and famine, the high tide that brings water and a low tide that often takes it away, unless a rock support system helps trap in a pool.  Anemones remind me of 3 ideas.  One, to always have a rock for support.  Two, during a state of abundance open up to the flow.  Three, when the ebb is temporarily absent, hold on tight to your rock and keep faith that the tide will come.